5 Star Rating


The GREAT news: my main man & computer super-genius Luis Coronado from Alchemy Tech, Inc. has recovered over 170,000 computer files that I thought were lost forever! The not-so-great news: they are no longer organized in any form or fashion. Looks like a job for OCD(an)! Oh, and if you need a computer guy, I can't say it enough times... Luis is the MAN.


Date of Posting: 12 December 2016
Posted By: Dan Milligan

Best guy in IT! ANYTHING that has gone wrong, he has had a solution for. Couldn't get better service and understanding anywhere.


Date of Posting: 04 November 2016
Posted By: David McSpadden

I have to give a shout out to Luis Coronado!! You are the best my friend! Computer is up and running! Thank you soooo much!!


Date of Posting: 27 October 2016
Posted By: Anna Smith

Luis is exceptional in his computer knowledge, promptness, and customer service. I refer him to all of my friends, because he's simply the best there is.


Date of Posting: 06 October 2016
Posted By: Debby Schaefer

Hi Luis, Just a note to let you know that the PC is working well and that while I’ve had to figure out some things it really has been a smooth transition. Another satisfied customer! Thank you, Roger


Date of Posting: 02 October 2016
Posted By: Roger Turquist Ph.D

Yesterday, my mean girl laptop decided that she no longer liked me. But she forgot that I have a secret weapon. Thank you, Luis Coronado of Alchemy Tech, Inc. for bitch-slapping her into submission. Peace is restored, Outlook is restored. Everything is right in the ResuMAYDAY world again. Thank You, Thank You!! If your computer needs some tough love, call Luis.


Date of Posting: 01 September 2016
Posted By: Lauren Milligan

Once again, BIG thanks to Luis Coronado of Alchemy Tech, Inc. for saving the ResuMAYDAY computers. We couldn't do what we do without you!!!


Date of Posting: 02 December 2015
Posted By: Lauren Milligan

Luis is always there to fix what needs to be fixed!


Date of Posting: 04 November 2015
Posted By: Jennifer D

I called on a Monday evening expecting to get his answering machine. I was amazed because I reached Luis. He walked me through my problems. He is very calming and responsive. I wanted to throw my computer out the window, and he fixed the problem over the phone. I highly recommend him. Thank you Luis!


Date of Posting: 29 October 2015
Posted By: Chelle OConnell

My computer is always so happy to see Luis Coronado! He makes it very happy!


Date of Posting: 11 April 2015
Posted By: Sheila Rutledge

Alchemy Tech, has saved me more times than I can count. Luis is knowledgeable and extremely reliable - which I am sorry to say is a rarity in this field. He breaks that mold! He actually solves problems quickly without making a billion changes to your computer. I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.


Date of Posting: 04 April 2015
Posted By: Christine Righeimer

As usual Luis has replied promptly with both our office glitches and my question about what kind of notebook I need. Luis understands my skill set and needs so he is the go-to for any hardware questions and of course, the only person who I want to work on my computers. Jack


Date of Posting: 23 November 2014
Posted By: John Kennelly
Oak Park

Once again, Luis was available on short notice to repair our computer quickly and give us tips to avoid a recurrence of the problem. Well done, sir!


Date of Posting: 10 August 2014
Posted By: Victoria Cobbett

Once again, Luis Coronado of Alchemy Tech, Inc. saves the day!! An annoying, troublesome computer problem that has plagued me for months was fixed with one phone call...and this was AFTER a team of other computer experts tried to help me (thankful for their attempts - not bashing them!). But lesson learned; there's only one stop to make when Ms. Toshiba gets her panties in a bunch, and that's my 'puter guru, Luis!


Date of Posting: 21 March 2014
Posted By: Lauren Milligan

Luis, Thank you so much for all your help in getting me set up with a new computer. It is always a pleasure to do business with you. I have referred you to friends in the past and will continue to recommend you in the future.


Date of Posting: 09 November 2012
Posted By: Barbara Altman

Just got home after a very looooong day to find that the one and only Luis Coronado of Alchemy Tech, Inc. has got my new computer up and running perfectly... Thanks, Luis!


Date of Posting: 08 November 2012
Posted By: Dan Milligan

Alchemy Tech not only provides on the spot emergency service, but more importantly their assistance is often educational and tutorial, preventing future downtime for our business. Highly recommend.


Date of Posting: 08 November 2012
Posted By: Stephen H. Jansen, CFP
Downers Grove

Luis gave us calm, efficient and expert troubleshooting. I wouldn\'t hesitate to recommend him for any tech job, small or large. He really knows his stuff!


Date of Posting: 16 July 2012
Posted By: Nancy Kranz

Very professional and cordial service. Would recommend highly to anyone.


Date of Posting: 16 July 2012
Posted By: Liz McDonald

Luis has worked on our computers for several years. He has helped me buy a new computer, switched the programs and data from the old to the new and restored my computer after a virus. He is knowledgeable, very pleasant to work with and knows his stuff!


Date of Posting: 13 July 2012
Posted By: Missy Gettle
Glen Ellyn

Luis, Alchemy Tech works hard and gains so much. He meets challenges with computers head-on and wins every time. Congratulations on a job well done. You always come through with flying colors...I don't know what I'd do without you...YOU'RE A GENIUS! Thank You.


Date of Posting: 12 July 2012
Posted By: MaryAnn Yench

It was a very lucky day for the Lombard Area Chamber of Commerce when Luis Coronado came to the Lilacia AM Networking Group!! He's just short of genius! It amazes me how he sees everything in his head even when he isn't sitting in front of our computers!! He's accessible, he's available, he's dependable, not to mention he is very pleasant. I know for a fact, that many have been pleased with his services and they have told us....but it's nothing we didn't already know ourselves. and we never hesitate to refer people to Luis! He's one great, computer savvy guy!


Date of Posting: 12 July 2012
Posted By: Georgette Mrofcza

Part #2: Recovered (sort of) from the hard drive crash. Have to say Carbonite.com was AMAZING as a back up. Relatively painless. Thanks to Luis Coronado for his mad computer skills.


Date of Posting: 30 April 2012
Posted By: Sheila Rutledge

Could be having a hard drive crisis but my great tech Luis Coronado is on it. Think happy thoughts please! I told him that after my husband and son he's the next most important man in my life! Thanks Luis!


Date of Posting: 30 April 2012
Posted By: Sheila Rutledge

I was having "ISSUES" adjusting from my XP old computer to my new WINDOWS 7 and wasn't sure if I had passed a VIRUS from transferring my old files to my new computer! So I contacted Luis Coronado of ALCHEMY TECH INC. I have known Luis for many years and he is very knowledgeable, professional, and can REALLY do 16 things at the same time! I would highly recommend him because his quick, reliable service is SECOND TO NONE!!!


Date of Posting: 05 March 2012
Posted By: Judy Hall

Hi Luis, Thanks for coming out to tune up my PCs. Much appreciated. You are really knowledgeable and I take comfort in knowing you are there when needed. I also appreciate your pleasant and cheerful demeanor. Sincerely, Jim Waszak


Date of Posting: 20 January 2012
Posted By: Jim Waszak

Computer solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs and trade professionals. Honest, easy-to-understand, locally owned and operated. Highly recommended by Mario Salazar (CHICAGOSROCK.COM / Genex Productions / Mario Salazar Photography / 78 Pesos Productions).


Date of Posting: 17 September 2011
Posted By: Mario Salazar
Crystal Lake

MEGAGIGANTIC THANKS to Luis Coronado and Alchemy Tech for helping me restore most of my photos and desktop folders! I currently have 62 requests from FV/PT, 8 from FT and 24 GOT. (those that play the games know what the initials are), not to mention editing my pictures and posting photo of the day for the past few days. Bizzy!!!!!! :))))))


Date of Posting: 07 September 2011
Posted By: Debby Schaefer

Alchemy Tech - Luis Coronado - did a "old PC" to "new PC" migration for us. He did a great job - very knowledgeable, very professional, very personable. We will definitely use and recommend Alchemy Tech.


Date of Posting: 29 August 2011
Posted By: Larry Vanucci

Excellent customer service!!!!!


Date of Posting: 20 June 2011
Posted By: Debby Schaefer

Hi Luis, Thanks so much for fixing my computer - and so quickly! I just set it up, and it works beautifully. One nice thing about taking down and setting up a computer. It gives a chance to vacuum under the desk and untangle the cords. Thanks for being there when I needed help! I'll recommend you to everybody! Happy New Year, Ellie Searl


Date of Posting: 31 December 2010
Posted By: Ellie Searl
La Grange

We were having computer issues for awhile. We were bandaiding many things and it was only getting worse. My sister recommended Luis and I am so glad we have him to help us. I only wished I had done it sooner. Kind, informative and patient man. Thanks


Date of Posting: 15 September 2010
Posted By: Debbie Rimmele
Western Springs

You saved me many times from throwing my computer out the window! Your quick reliable service is second to none.


Date of Posting: 02 June 2009
Posted By: Cheryl V

It took us many years of mediocre computer techs before we found Luis, who we have now been using for 3 years. We have 5 computers that he regularly services and upgrades. He teaches me something new every time he comes so I can become more computer literate. His fees are very reasonable, he gets it done right the first time and always with a smile.


Date of Posting: 02 June 2009
Posted By: Karen Ekman
Glen Ellyn

Great Work Thank you so much


Date of Posting: 02 June 2009
Posted By: Sarah Christman
Carol Stream

Five stars for sure! You were great! - Jeanette


Date of Posting: 20 May 2009
Posted By: Jeanette Dan
Glen Ellyn

Luis/Alchemy Tech has saved us on many occasions whatever the problem may be. He goes out of his way and has helped in emergency cases via telephone as well. We only listen to his advice regarding purchases of hardware/software. It is reassuring to know we have someone like him to keep us up and running.


Date of Posting: 20 May 2009
Posted By: Annette Arnold-Chody
Round Lake

I have worked with Luis for over two years now. He has accomplished multiple tasks for us with the best knowledge and efficiency. He is always available for feedback and updates and ensures that as a customer we always have our questions addressed and our issues resolved. I will continue to work with him as new issues arise and highly recommend him if you require any type of advanced solutions.


Date of Posting: 18 May 2009
Posted By: Gino Domenella
Hawthorn Woods

Luis has been our IT guy for four years. He has helped our not-for-profit organization to be able to have equipment that is efficient and working properly on a small budget. He has great response time whenever we have had a issue; he is able to take care of the issue rapidly. His knowledge of the computer environment and software programs keeps us protected from potential problems. Everyone in our office enjoys working with him.


Date of Posting: 15 May 2009
Posted By: Patricia Haskins

Luis has helped me with my home computers and as well as office computers over the last 5 years. He always arrives with a smile on his face and seems to be able to fix any problem that might occur. He is reliable, efficient, completely knowledgable in his field. I trust with him with all my computer needs.


Date of Posting: 15 May 2009
Posted By: Beth Reis-Refer
Glen Ellyn

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, for always being so nice and kind when I call for your help! I really appreciate everything you do for me. The computer says I\'m protected and is working GREAT!


Date of Posting: 11 May 2009
Posted By: Abigail Bruns

Sarah has been a blessing to our Omnia project. We can\'t say enough good things about how much she has helped us, and especially her patience. Also, it is important to have an answer when it is needed without having to wait forever. We highly recommend their services. The Omnia Team! www.omniaarts.org


Date of Posting: 11 May 2009
Posted By: Bev Frier

Luis is the best technician I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is very smart and knows his stuff. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my computer.


Date of Posting: 04 May 2009
Posted By: Taryn Bessent

I would be at a total loss without Luis!! He is my computer guru!! He helps me with my computers at work and at home. He comes running with a big smile whenever we call him with computer issues, which given that we are all computer dummies here, is quite often!! He fixes our problems quickly and painlessly. Luis is nothing short of FABULOUS!!


Date of Posting: 01 May 2009
Posted By: Ashlee Rooney
Glen Ellyn

We are a small company in Glen Ellyn and when we need help Luis is always prompt and knows what he is doing. We count on Luis to fix all of our crazy little quirks and get us back up and running. If the problem can't be fixed over the phone he is at our office ASAP.


Date of Posting: 29 April 2009
Posted By: Michelle Wilson
Glen Ellyn

Luis does an excellent job servicing our home computers. He is prompt to respond, efficient in his work, and thoughtful, patient, and very kind concerning our questions and concerns. We think that he's the best around.


Date of Posting: 23 April 2009
Posted By: Cynthia Willcutt

Luis has always been helpful and someone we can count on to assist with our computer needs.


Date of Posting: 23 April 2009
Posted By: Vicki Mordell

Luis is extremely conscientious. He is always prompt and is very customer service oriented. He can always get to the bottom of any issue we may have with anyone of our computers or printers. He is personable, respectable and always more than pleasant, he has a great personality. Kim Toliver......customer since the beginning!


Date of Posting: 22 April 2009
Posted By: Kim Toliver
Glen Ellyn

I found Sarah very patient with me and would be more than happy to recommend Alchemy Tech to any one that needs help as I did.


Date of Posting: 22 April 2009
Posted By: Elizabeth Tilden

Both Sarah and Luis were wonderful to work with. They are very knowledgeable, accommodating and professional.


Date of Posting: 21 April 2009
Posted By: Jody Dan
Glen Ellyn

First of all, I would give Alchemy Tech five stars. Luis has been a lifesaver with his technical knowledge, professionalism and ability to get any job done, big or little. I have recommended him to all my friends as he has proven to be a contact worth sharing.


Date of Posting: 20 April 2009
Posted By: Jen Corona
Glen Ellyn

Luis has been the most efficient, thorough computer specialist I have ever had. I trust the work he does and have felt confident recommending him.


Date of Posting: 19 April 2009
Posted By: Mary Ellen Duvall
Glen Ellyn

Alchemy Tech was recommended to us by a close business/personal friend. They have always been able to get to the bottom of whatever computer problem(s) we have had in the two years that we have been calling them. In a couple of instances, they actually came in and saved the day when a piece of hardware failed, or a email program froze up! Everyone there, especially, Luis and Sarah are great to work with and I would not hesitate to tell anyone to use their services.


Date of Posting: 13 April 2009
Posted By: MaryAnn Rose

Alchemy Tech understands that I'm running a business and not an IT company. We just need our IT to work for us. In the past, we've worked with vendors who didn't understand this concept. The folks at Alchemy help us with practical solutions we can manage economically and technically. They are also very pleasant to work with.


Date of Posting: 09 April 2009
Posted By: Rob McCoy
Rolling Meadows