What's with the orange guy and the test tubes?

He's the official Alchemy Tech Alchemist! But what does Alchemy even mean and why should you care?

The dictionary describes alchemy as the "miraculous power of transmuting something common into something precious." 

Okay, so we may not work miracles, but to many people, ourselves included, technology is definitely becoming something precious. And sometimes, it might seem like you need a miracle to make it work for you. That's where we come in. We've been working in technology for more than 20 years, both with small businesses and individual users. In that time we've seen a lot! But we've seen one thing more than anything else.

We've seen that whether you're a small business relying on technology to keep your company up and running, or a home user who needs to stay connected, stay organized, or just have fun, the most important thing is still the same. You need your technology to be easy! You need it to just work. 

Our mission statement is just that... "Making Technology Easier."

Whenever you see the orange guy or the test tubes, remember that he's creating something new out of I.T.  He's working to create something different then you're used to. His (and our) number one goal is to make technology work for you!