Can you get peace of mind, for a minimal cost?

Do you own a small business? Or perhaps you're directly involved in running a small business. If you are, then your time is quickly becoming the most precious resource you have. You're trying to grow your company, manage employees, and provide the best level of customer service you can. And chances are you depend heavily on technology to make those things happen. 

You may have a server that runs your customer database, or a website that helps customers find you, and you probably depend heavily on email for communication with customers and your team. 

What would happen if those things stopped working? Is there a chance that you could lose a customer if you weren't able to access their information? Could your sales people lose a sale if they weren't able to quickly get back to a potential customer via email? Or what if the software you use for handling your finances suddenly crashed? Worst case... a virus gets onto your network and takes out several computers for an entire day or more!

It's horrible to think about, but if you're in business something like this has probably happened. 

Wouldn't it be great if you had a full-time experienced IT person? Someone you could quickly call to come over and fix that Word problem you're having, or make that error message in Outlook go away? Or simply get advice from? But you're a small business, watching every dollar, and you can't afford that! We believe someone should be on your side. That's why we offer you something different.

We give you access to a full IT staff, whenever you need it. From Windows, to Mac, computers to servers, software to phone systems, printers, and even your network. Whether it's help for your team, managing your network and servers, or helping you figure out the best ways to use technology to grow your business. Just because your company is small doesn't mean you should have to feel like you're on your own!

We believe that part of making technology easier, means providing what's most important for small business users. We work hard on technology so you can have peace of mind. You can feel better knowing that when you're in the office, we are too. When you have a problem, we can be there to solve it. If you have a question, we can get you an answer. When you're frustrated we can make things better. And we're already doing it for many others. See what they have to say.